Website Design

web_designIf you like to have an online store to showcase your arts and crafts and sell online, please contact me.

What I need from you to:

  • Provide all the images for your website or see below regarding photos.
  • Write product descriptions.
  • Set up prices for your products.
  • Select a preferred domain name for your wbsite or business.
  • Chose a favourable colour theme for your site (optional)

Then I will:

  • Take professional photos of your products if you wish.
  • Design a logo to match your website.
  • Register the domain name.
  • Design the website to tailor your needs.
  • Add shopping cards to your products.
  • Set up shipping classes and cost.
  • Set up feature products and cross sales.
  • Set up a payment system.
  • Coach you to add new products.
  • Provide updating and maintenance service if you need.

Now you can start to showcase and sell your arts or crafts online, and Enjoy!